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Johannes Klok, the Impressionist

Johannes Klok
The artist on site in Scottsdale, Arizona with one of his favorites "the flower jewels".

The Danmark at sail.

The Danmark
At age 15, Johannes signed on to sail on the majestic tall ship, the Danmark, to train as a young marine cadet. There he spent many years traveling the world as a merchant marine and grew into a respected Ship Captain and a self taught Fine Arts Painter.

The Story of the Artist, Johannes Klok
As a young man, Johannes Klok, dreamed of the sea and at age 15 signed on to sail on the majestic tall ship called the Danmark. The renowned Walter Chronkite created a television special on this very impressive square rigger sailing ship which is still sailing even today training young marine cadets.
Breaking Up, 30x40 Acrylic on Canvas

Johannes also loved art and began sketching and drawing from his early days at sea until he grew into a respected Ship Captain and a self taught Fine Arts Painter drawing from his world travels and his natural attraction to the lives and creative ideas of the great impressionists.

Johannes achieved his dreams and ambitions of traveling the world and the goal of making original art that bespeaks of his experiences and life's inner and outer beauties in each of his canvases. To own a Klok is to own a piece of his dramatic view of life and a piece of his special view of the world as only a genuine captain of the high seas can reveal.

Longing for Molokai, 36x24 Acrylic on Canvas
Whether you see his paintings of sublime Caribbean harbors and inlets or stand close to his many wonderful floral paintings you can almost smell the ocean and the wonderful aroma of the enchanting array of his delightful flowers and gardens. His technical skill with the palette knife is unsurpassed in its compassionate address of the canvas. The final product is nothing less than a virtuoso performance in paint.

Many fine art collectors are proud to include such original landscapes and maritime works in their collections. Johannes has had the good fortune to have made not only great works of art in his 50 plus year career but also have made excellent friends and acquaintances along the colorful and adventuresome road that we all can experience by viewing his fine collection of prints and recent original creations.

Potted on Patio, 30x24 Acrylic on Canvas
The subtlety of the stroke and the dedication of the artist combine with the aspirations and sensations of a lifetime into each painting. The influences from the 19th century great masters combine with the jazz and flair of the 20th century into a composite wonder of painting that is unique to the style that is now simply called Johannes Klok, the impressionist.

It is one of life's great joys to own and appreciate great art and so it is with the experience of every painting Johannes Klok has given to the world as a labor of love and dedication to his art. The message contained within these wonderful creations is abundantly clear ... Enjoy!

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Fine Arts Impressionist Artist, Houston Texas, Denmark
Impressionistic Paintings done with a Palette Knife of flowers, gardens, ocean, sea, and maritime works in his collections
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