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"Molokai Northeast"

Offered by a Private Seller:

Molokai Northeast, original Klok painting offered for sale by private seller.

"At the Garden Wall"

Offered by a Private Seller:

At The Garden Wall, original Klok painting offered for sale by private seller.

"Flower Sceene"

Offered by a Private Seller:

Flower Sceene, original Klok painting offered for sale by private seller.

"We purchased this original painting from Johannes about 25 years ago. It always warms our hearts whenever we take a moment and lose ourselves in Johannes beautiful world. "

Best Regards, Gene H.
Painting purchased in the 1980's, inquired about its value via email (November 2011)

"Thank you very much for all your efforts. Please pass along my appreciation and regards to Mrs. Klok. The painting is the focal point of our dining room and with all we've learned since acquiring it, it has become our most prized art possession. Thanks again and if you do find more history concerning this piece, we would love to hear from you again."

Sincerely, Dan V.
Painting purchased in the 1970's, inquired about its history via email (August 2011)

"Dear Klok family,

In June 1990 we were returning from a holiday in Florida when we spotted Johannes with his beautiful Impressionist Acrylic paintings. We fell in love with painting of a Garden in the Virgin Isles.

We bought it and arranged to have in shipped to Scotland. I still have the original documents and a treasured letter sent to me from Inger. It has given our family so much pleasure over the years.

I taught Art History in Glasgow and my students studied Mr Kloks use of the application of impasto to aid with his expression and teqnique of Acrylic Paint. I am now retired but among my many paintings.

Johannes Klok is among my favorites."

With Kind Regards, Janette E.
Email Sent (August 2010)

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